Marion Pyle

10 April 2020

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

  • These stories are life-affirming, faith-affirming and love-affirming! ~ Cameron K.
  • Warm, funny, authentic, just fantastic! ~ Cassie R.
  • WOW!!! What a beautiful, Spirit-filled production! It’s inspiring to see how God brought these couples together. I loved hearing their prayers and seeing some of the struggles they overcame in their relationship. Just LOVE it!! ~ Jean W.
  • WOW!! Really classy, sharp, fun, interesting, and heartwarming stories. ~Matt S.
  • One minute I was laughing out loud and the next minute my eyes were welling up with tears! I saw gripping, unabashedly honest accounts of real people “swimming upstream,” struggling to find their life partner, uncertain yet persistent, vulnerable yet trusting the Lord to guide them. I thought: “Yeah! This is how it’s done!!” ~ Janet C.
  • I love it! The title, storyline, and the characters’ reflections– it’s all so joyful! Congratulations on producing a fantastic project! ~ Tammy C.
  • These are heartwarming stories of couples who dated the old fashioned way and the riotous reactions they had to each other. Who says playing by the rules had to be boring! – Carolyne R.
  • What a wonderful, refreshing, uplifting, and edifying, testimony to an old institution that our modern world seems to have forgotten how to conduct correctly. I both laughed and got misty-eyed. Congratulations on this extraordinary accomplishment! ~ Michael W.
  • From the initial image, these Winning at Love Stories share incredibly romantic love experiences where prince charming does find his lady and vice versa. Wow! ~ Mike M.