Sparks On The Slopes


Zach & Sarah Johnson


Zach & SarahZack’s childhood was shaped by his mother’s many divorces and the instability of moving from place to place. Although she tried to raise him as a Christian, he rebelled as a child and did not get serious about faith until his freshman year in high school. From the moment he committed, Zack threw himself into ministry and became the leader of his school’s Christian club.

After his college studies in California, Zack pursued every opportunity to professionally develop and grow. One day while on Facebook, he noticed an old high school friend had graduated from college and moved back to San Diego. Stepping out in faith, he sent her an e-mail. With that one little click, Zack started a chain of events that not only changed his life, but also exceeded his wildest dreams.


The oldest of five children, Sarah was raised in a Christian and Catholic, church-going home and participated in Vacation Bible Schools and Awanas. However, her faith did not become real until she was a junior in high school, at which time the pieces of her life fell together in a new way. She became active in Intervarsity Christian Club and took on leadership positions in the Christian organization ‘Young Life.’

After graduating from college with a double major in advertising and pubic relations, Sarah returned home to San Diego with only career plans on her mind. But, all that changed after a special encounter on the ski slopes that sparked a new life purpose even more exhilarating than the snowboarding she loved so much.