Enjoy hours of binge-worthy, upbeat and edifying entertainment! Winning At Love features 8 content-rich half hour episodes that provide guidance and mentoring to Christian singles about the pursuit of the one they love. You will laugh, cry and cheer at how these diverse men and women persevered and overcame in the face of formidable obstacles and temptations. Each heartwarming episode will uplift, encourage and refresh as you as you discover God’s clever guidance behind the scenes — often in surprising and supernatural ways! — to help these couples find their way. Click below to get your series today!




Enjoy upbeat, binge-worthy and edifying entertainment!

Meet 8 amazing couples who risked it all for the one they loved!

Be inspired by their love stories of faith, courage and heart!

Marvel and cheer at God’s often supernatural answers to these romantic quests! 

Feel encouraged by the wealth of spiritual insights and practical wisdom about love, dating and romance!

Click below to get your series today!



“These stories are so incredibly entertaining and profound at the same time.” ~ Eric N.  

“I’ve been in church all my life and I’ve never heard anyone talk about dating like this! I really needed to hear this!” ~ Elsa S.

“Thank you, thank you! I’d always wanted to believe men like this did exist! Now I know what to hold out for!”  ~ Maddie M. 

“I had zero mentoring about dating and relationships growing up and always wished I’d had it. These stories are full of it, and in the coolest way.” ~ Jared K.

“There are lessons here for everybody, even those of us who are stepping back into the world of dating after a divorce or loss of a mate.” ~ Emily G. 

“I’d almost given up but these testimonies renewed my faith that God really is working behind the scenes at all times. Thank you!” ~ LaKeisha G.

“Just when the world goes from crazy to crazier, along comes Winning at Love and sets everything right again. My soul feels refreshed!”
~ Anatole W.


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